Finance for Dental Professionals

Best of all, our dentist finance services are at no cost to you!

We are committed to providing the very best in dentist finance through our dedicated team. We work alongside you and take care of the heavy lifting, so you can focus on running your business or working in your practice. We understand the demands of the dental profession and are here to make securing your dental financing straightforward.

Access to rates from 2.2% p.a.

Finance for Dentists

At MediPro we are experts in dentist finance and are here to make finding the right financial products simple. Offered at no cost to you, we provide a service that's comprehensive and dedicated to your satisfaction. We work with lenders to negotiate the most attractive and suitable loan on your behalf.

Many of our clients underestimate just how long the process to secure dentist finance can be, but with MediPro by your side, we make things simple. We go into battle for you - working with lenders and reviewing as many products as we need to so that we can find you the best possible lending option.

The MediPro Capital Finance difference: When looking to finance home loans for dentists, many lenders will offer better rates and more favourable conditions. This is due to the security and confidence of a dental position and translates into a better overall product for your finance needs.

MediPro Capital Finance for Dentists - Your Benefits

When you work with us, you will enjoy access to a range of benefits:

  • Never pay us any fees - we secure our payment from the lender themselves
  • Get access to the best deals and industry-specific lenders
  • Don't do the paperwork yourself and save time and money
  • Easy access to hundreds of loan products through a single point of contact
  • Faster finance and loans over the line efficiently and securely

We offer a fast, practical and straightforward way for our clients to access funding for a range of services including home loans for dentists, investment loans for dentists, commercial loans for dentists, practice loans for dentists, car finance for dentists, car loans for dentists and even SMSF for dentists.

John Paynter

Founder and General Manager

Medipro Capital Finance


  • We have over 25+ years experience, specialising in lending for doctors
  • Exclusive access to rates & products for medical practitioners
  • Rates lower than 2.2%. Borrow up to 100% with no LMI
  • We have the expertise to secure the loan you want, sooner
  • We specialise in your industry - we work with you in achieving the best possible solution
  • Dedicated lending specialist to handle each step of your lending journey
  • Rates lower than 2.2%. Borrow up to 100% with no LMI

Compare the best loans of over 40 banks and lenders in one go!

Save time, money and hassle and get the lowest possible interest rate on your loans

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