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MediPro Asset Finance for Dentists

Generally speaking, asset finance options include: Commercial Hire Purchases; Financial and Operating Leases; Chattel Mortgages; Novated Leases; and Technology Rentals.

Each car finance for dentists package to different commercial circumstances, so when considering your options, you may want to talk to your accountant or tax advisor. Below is an introduction to these main types of finance and car loans for dentists.

Each is suited to different commercial circumstances, so when considering your options, you may want to talk to your accountant or tax advisor. Below is an introduction to these main types of asset finance.

When considering finance options, ask yourself:

How much capital do I need to grow my business?

When do I need to smooth bumps in my cash flow

What are the tax outcomes of asset finance

How long will I need the equipment and will I need to upgrade it?

Is technology rapidly changing in my industry?

Do I want to 'finance to own' or 'finance to return' my asset?

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Needing Asset Finance for Dentists? MediPro Capital Finance can help!

Invaluable service and guidance

We can help you save time and money to invest in growing your business.

The right loan 

Your MediPro Specialist is not only a specialist in lending, but also in your industry. As such we have access to commercial finance options for medicos and professionals that are otherwise hard to come by.

We want to help you reach your goals

We have the experience and the expertise to walk you through your loan options that will help you achieve your goals. We finance equipment such as technology, medical equipment and fitouts, retail shops, warehouses and factories, as well as business acquisitions and medical practice purchases.

Ensure you understand everything fully

We will ensure that you understand all the different scenarios and clearly explain how much you can borrow, set out all costs involved, in order to reduce the risk of owning obsolete equipment and there can be various tax outcomes too.

Specialised structures - Self Managed Super Fund

Your MediPro Specialist will guide you through the process to access funds for asset finance that can have various tax outcomes for you, which is very important in running a successful business.

Compare the best loans of over 40 banks and lenders in one go!

Save time, money and hassle and get the lowest possible interest rate on your car loans for dentists!

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If you're looking for a quality asset or car loans for dentists, make sure you speak to us! MediPro Capital Finance are your committed lending specialists and are here to make the process of finding a loan simple. If you need any kind of loan or finance for medical professionals, call us today! Phone 1300 375 626 or get in touch online!

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